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Clint Pitts resigned as SISMA president at last meeting because of new duties and change in employment.  Clint did an excellent job as president and we wish him the best in his new career.
Scott Guffey will be interim president until elections are completed at the Conference in November.  Thanks Scott for filling in as president.

Spring Training Session May 13th was discussed with no changes for 2014 at present time. This is an important training session for both agencies, and industry and the opportunity to add this training opportunity to the central part of South Dakota is a goal of SISMA, (Danielle Birdsall-Rausch will chair this committee with Mike Stenson assisting) any others wishing to serve on this committee please contact Danielle or Mike. Discussion followed with location, and funding opportunities to make this take place. Bill Walker stated that the North Dakota Weed Control Association facilitates 3 training sessions yearly in the eastern, central, and western areas of the state. The Board will look at grant opportunities for funding 2 training sessions in South Dakota in 2014.

SISMA Bylaw Review and Changes: Board of Directors: Change from 11 to a 5 member board to reflect the size of the organization Board members will be selected from Industry, Counties and Municipalities, Federal, Non-Governmental or Private, State or University, If categories from any of the five cannot be filed, a member at large can be elected to fill the vacancy Length of Terms: Terms are two years with up to three consecutive terms for a total of six years Executive Officers: Change from President and Vice President to Chairman and Vice Chairman Executive Positions: The Chairman and Vice Chairman will be selected by the Board of Directors.

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6th Annual Invasive Weed Management Conference October 14-16 SD Game Fish and Parks Outdoor Campus West (4130 Adventure Trail) Rapid City, South Dakota

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The South Dakota Invasive Species Management Association was formed with the intent of a progressive endeavor to assembly together a group with a common vision and unity to address all of South Dakota’s invasive species management challenges. Association membership is open and all-encompassing to everyone, and is broken into twelve broadly established categories of membership. We hope to appeal to private landowners, county commissioners and state legislators, county weed & pest boards/supervisors, federal and state agencies, universities, industry and commercial applicators, non-government organizations, and the public at large.

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